Designing, building, managing.


A group of people with experience gained in the field of machinery for the production of disposable hygiene products founded G.F.A. S.n.c. in 1996.


Initially and for several years, we have been dedicated our work at the revision, reconstruction and improvement of existing machinery, as well as the creation of new groups, parts and pieces to be integrated on such machines.


The increasing demand of customers, and the presence of a technical and electronic staff able to satisfy them took us to the design and construction of new production lines ranging from simple machines to those characterized by medium-high technology and include lines for hygiene female (tampons and panty liners), baby diapers, and adult incontinence.


Small enterprise, G.F.A. is particularly attentive to the demands and needs of customers building systems tailored to best suit what is required. We carry almost all of our internal manufacturing operations, leaving space for the planning of our engineering department that designs mechanical, electrical and pneumatic 3D development, working with Eplan and Inventor stations.


Finally, we provide our customers after sales services, which affect not only the supply of spare parts, but also the service and the design of their machines for particular developments.

Machinery for the production

of disposable hygienic products.


Our technology is environmentally friendly. We place sustainable development at the top of our work that is projected at a constant environmental improvement, economic, both locally and globally, working with clients who support our choices without compromising the quality of the result.


G.F.A. di Mandotti Angelo & C. S.n.c.

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